YAML in powershell

powershell doesn't have native support for yaml. Solution: PSYAML and powershell-yaml

UPDATE on 2018-07-06

I recommend reading my second post A Brief introduction to YAML in Powershell: it's shorter and has less code. It's done after working in a module that's compatible with powershell-yaml and PSYaml modules to read YAML files in Powershell.
I only recommend to read this blog if you're new to . . .

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December 27, 2017

List all Ole DB Providers in Powershell

In Microsoft documentation for OleDbEnumerator.GetRootEnumerator() method
there's a C# example how to list all Ole DB Providers. I've just rewritten it in Powershell, creating a function that returns a list of providers, so it's easier to work with and can be filtered.
It's useful to check which providers are installed . . .

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June 21, 2016


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